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1. What is C.T.Co?!

  • As one of the largest R&D companies in Latvia, C.T.Co established itself as the most advanced and reliable IT company in the enterprise apps market space. We are committed to maintaining high-quality standards through a strong sum of out-of-the-box approach, seasoned teams passionate about innovation, over a decade of expertise in the domain, and challenging working environment.


    C.T.Co is known to be a caring company that invests a lot of efforts in meeting staff needs and expectations. Based on the diversity of cultures as well as a variety of interests, we do our best to offer a wide range of activities that would be of interest to employees. There are many different communities established like volleyball, football, musical and angling to allow employees to choose what they like the most. Besides two yearly corporate events, we also offer monthly quizzes and contests to engage employees in our social life. On top of that, we welcome a work-life balance and stimulate a team work across all layers and projects.